Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Muddy Puddle Crafts: Help ! What do you Make for Royalty ?

Muddy Puddle Crafts: Help ! What do you Make for Royalty ?

Soy Wax Melts and Tarts for Oil Burners

A new Range to Heavenly Soaps, these are NOT for your bath or body!

These are Soy Wax Tarts for oil burners or tart burners, used to fragrance your home. Soy Tarts and Melts offer the option to easily change your home scent to suit your mood, every time you add a new Tart the fragrance will fill the whole room.

This one is 9 pretty shapes, gift bagged.

Oil Burners also allow you to choose the intensity of scent by melting as little or as much Tart as needed to release and fill the atmosphere with fragrance. You can use a whole melt or break off a small piece. Simply place a Tart or piece of Tart into the well of your oil burner. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER. Place an unscented tealight underneath, and let the fragrance fill your room.

Once the scent starts to fade, simply add another piece of melt to boost the fragrance, or start again with a fresh scent. You can even mix fragrances by adding different melts together in the same burner to create your own custom fragrance.

Don't worry about stains, spills or mess, Soy Tarts natural organic wax is water soluble so any spills can be easily cleaned using soapy water. Made using 100% pure natural soy wax (ecosoya) created from Soy Beans. Non toxic - releases no toxins into the air

Buy Tarts in the same fragrance, or choose the Mixed option and tell me on checkout which fragrances you would like included. These will be bagged, so can be given as a nicely presented gift.

Colours will vary. Each melt is approximately 30mls, 2cm deep and 6cm at widest part.