Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Damaged skin

What can you buy for yourself or as a gift for someone with damaged skin? It honestly depends what the damage is!

Someone who has naturally dry skin, or has Sun damage including premature wrinkles, and has no specific allergies, can use just about everything I make and in any fragrance. Top Tip would be to start with unfragranced shea butter daily after bath or shower. It takes about 3 weeks to get to optimum, where your skin feels soft and silky and wrinkles are visibly reduced. After that if you prefer a fragranced moisturiser you can take your pick.

For eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, you should start with unfragranced shea cream, and use several times a day, and always after water has been on your skin (after hand washing for example). You should see and feel a noticeable difference after 1 to 2 weeks, and will find it straightaway helps with the itching and discomfort of these skin problems. A really good long term shea cream  for the whole body could include Lavender & Teatree essential oils, but it would be best to use unfragranced for several weeks before trying the one with essential oils added.

If you have or have had cellulitis, you know you need to keep your skin moisturised. Again assuming no allergies you can use any of the fragrances I do, but the very best would be Lavender and Teatree. It's fine under compression hose, and feels lovely on the rest of your skin. With excellent healing properties from the essential oils. If you have sensitive skin use the unfragranced first, then later on give the essential oils one a try.

It can be very expensive buying special creams for problem skin, and finding one you like. Shea butter IS more oily than standard mass produced creams, mainly because it is a pure, unadulterated cream. No added chemicals to make the skin absorb it, or to make it last 3 years and sit on a shelf waiting to be transported from a factory to a shop and sit on a shelf, no, because when you buy direct from the person who makes it, it is made fresh, and thus has a shelf life of a year (preserved by natural ingredients containing Vitamin E, not nasty added chemicals that can do long term damage to skin).

My 120ml jar of Shea Cream will last you a long time because a little goes a long way.
It melts at skin temperature, so if we ever do get a nice hot summer it is best kept in the fridge.  

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Aromatherapy Bath Tea Bags, with Organic Green Tea, Dead Sea Salts, Essential Oils

Add one 'Tea' Bag to a warm bath for a wonderfully fragranced bath, then lie back and relax, while the Green Tea and Dead Sea Salt do their work.

Each bag is approx 45g, using a combination of ingredients designed to give you a bath infusion which leaves you and your skin feeling totally pampered. The Tea Bag is an organza drawstring bag.

The aromatherapy essential oilcombinations I finally decided upon are:

Soothe. Geranium, Calendula Petals, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Green Tea, lemon balm.
Relax. Lavender,, Lavender Flowers, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Green Tea, Lemon Balm.
Energise. Lemongrass, Dead Sea Salt, Lemon Balm, Organic Green Tea, Lemon Balm.

Sensual  Sandalwood, Dead Sea Salt, Lemon Balm, Organic Green Tea.

Totally natural ingredients as always.
All the Lavender products come from a third generation family farm set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold Hills. They grow and use the Highest Quality English Lavender Essential oil.
The Green Tea is certified organic and packed with powerful antioxidants.
Lemon Balm, good for the heart and for uplifting the spirit, it is also used for headaches, fevers and as an aid to digestion.If you feel a cold coming on, take a nice warm bath and use a Bath Tea Bag with Lemon Balm.
Dead Sea Salt has therapeutic and rejuvenating properties, and is used to treat many skin complaints. Very soothing and relaxing, with a unique mineral rich content that is extremely good for the skin.

These Bath Tea Bags come as a gift set, in a foil bag, which can be resealed using the tie. They are also available to buy indiviually.

It is essential to keep the bag sealed between use, because sea salt will draw moisture from the air. To ensure no tea stain occurs, rinse the bath immediately after use.

Friday, 27 August 2010

There goes the summer!

Sad to be waving it goodbye.

Hasn't it been a busy summer? It seems to have flown by, and I seem to have missed it, I don't know how that happened. I am not complaining about being busy, far from it, but another month of Sunshine would be nice, even if I am mostly stuck indoors making things.

Talking about making things, I really nipped in here today to tell you about a Mango fragrance I found. Probably my favourite fragrance to use to make things is Apricot with Mango. I spent ages finding the exact Apricot I wanted, and then started on the Mango. And, I am pleased to say I found one that is now my firm favourite, in soap, shea cream and bath melts. It smells devine, and is so easy to work with! I even used it in my new Cocoa Butter massage bars, it was perfect, they will be on the website as soon as I can get some nice photographs done!

If you use Mango fragrance then try this Ebay seller handmade-soap-deli

Very friendly and helpful, and I have since decided to try their Parma Violet and Banoffee fragrances aswell.....I have been making "cakes", they too need decent photographs, but unfortunately I have to make more to do it because (fortunately) they all sold at the FIRST farmers market I took them to, how fab is that?

Anyway, it is nice to be able to recommend another business woman and one who goes the extra mile to help their customers, and I can totally recommend the fragrance oils from Bev at handmade-soap-deli, used in the Apricot & Mango Cocoa Butter Bath melts pictured :) 

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Please buy a soap and help this charity help homeless people

Every penny from this listing for a gift box of bath melts and from this listing for handmade soaps will go to the Hilary Stent Awards for homeless people.
Buyers pay direct via the JustGiving page so you know every penny will go to the charity.  
 I am happy to donate all the items, times are hard for everyone making it much harder for charities right now. The awards help people get back on their feet after tough times.

You don't have to buy soap or melts to help this charity!  
If you can spare just one pound it will help. Donations can be made 
via their JustGiving page

The Hilary Stent Awards were created in 2001 as an annual award for homeless and formerly homeless people who are trying to make big steps in their lives and as a way to remember the remarkable contribution Hilary made to the lives of so many during her life.

The awards are presented to those people with the best idea of making the big step away from homelessness.  There are no preconceptions about what the winning ideas must be, but Thamesreach are particularly interested in ones that are ambitious, unusual, make a big difference to the life of the person seeking the award and, most importantly, originate from the homeless or formerly homeless person themselves.
Previous awards have included a laptop, driving lessons, carpentry tools, a music keyboard and lessons in various classes. One award was for painting and decorating equipment for someone to set up employment.

Thames Reach is a London-based charity helping homeless and vulnerable people to live in decent homes, build supportive relationships and lead fulfilling lives.  Their vision is to end street homelessness.  Thames Reach assists rough sleepers on the street, houses people in a range of hostels and supported accommodation projects and helps isolated or vulnerable people to develop new skills, take up training and work and build meaningful relationships within their communities.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Shea Cream in Strawberry Fragrance for Children with skin problems

Sometimes you need a cream that children will like using to help with their dry skin or excema problems, and they won't usually like the adult version which is  Rose, Lavender, Geranium. So with this in mind I have used Strawberry Smoothie as the fragrance for this Shea Butter with the young ones in mind. Strawberry Smoothie is an 'all known allergen free' fragrance so should be fine for everyone to use, although anyone with sensitive skin should always do their usual skin patch test 24 hours before use.

Also available in a soap slice, with just a hint of colour. This is glycerine soap so is very moisturising and gentle, children will love using it!

Shea Cream is available in a 25ml size at 25% off the usual price of £2.50, so you can try it and see for yourself how good it is. Also available in a 120ml jar for just £5.99. The Website address is

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A good cream for dry skin

If you suffer with Excema or dry flaking skin this UK handmade cream is worth a try.
Made using natural ingredients and a  blend of English Rose, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils, and apart from anything else these oils are used to lift the spirits and leave you with a gentle feeling of calmness.

Rose is fabulous for increasing feelings of vitality, and creating a sense
of well-being, aswell as being renowned for being kind and caring to
sensitive skin.

Lavender is best know for its relaxing and calming effect and being skin
toning, but it is equally effective for all types of skin problems such as
abscesses, acne, oily skin, boils, psoriasis etc.

Geranium essential oil is used in the treatment of excema. This uplifting
oil has a great all-over balancing effect on the mind and this extends to
the effect it has on the skin - where it helps to create balance between
oily and dry skin

If you are prone to hormonal skin changes at puberty or menopause, or your skin goes from dry to oily, this will help balance your skin. A perfect balancing combination of essential oils and with the added benefit of one of the best moisturisers there is, Shea butter.

Shea is wonderful for dry skin, oily skin, combination, young or old skin, an extremely effective and intensive moisturiser. This cream also has Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil which are both renowned for skin moisturising and softening, aiding healing and repairing.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Gift Box of Soap

Three pretty handmade soap slices in a gold gift box only £5.99.

Choose from Fruity, Sweet, Essential Oil, Pretty in pink, or Extra Sensitive.

Can be gift wrapped and posted with a gift tag anywhere UK.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Wholesale Handmade Soap & Melts

It is difficult to get a variety of items for resale when starting out but this box has a bit of everything and best of all at wholesale prices.

Party Plan is usually one of each item for your customers to re-order, but with this box of mixed items you can set up a house party and sell it all in one go with none of the selling, order forms, waiting, then delivering.

If you are holding a charity fundraiser or Summer Fete this is perfect to resell to make a good profit, you can use some as raffle and Tombola Prizes to increase the revenue.

A way to raise money without having to buy huge amounts all at once!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Citronella Soap and Teatree Cream Special Offer

A special price on this duo set to help with Midge Gnat and Mosquito bites.

Get a Citronella Handmade Soap Slice 80g as an insect repellant and use with a 25ml jar of Teatree Shea cream to treat bites.

Ideal travel set, especially if you are going to hot countries where you risk insect bites. Citroenlla is a well known insect repellant, and at this time of year the biters can be fierce even in this Country.

The handmade soap is a natural glycerine soap base, completely natural and chemical free, with very moisturising properties.

If you do get bitten, a dab of Teatree cream will help relieve the symptoms, Teatree is a natural antiseptic. The Shea cream is very soft and moisturising too and will help heal and soothe your skin.

I am doing this set at a special price of just £2.50, at this time of year we need all the help we can get in the fight against biters, and I know that once you have tried my soap and cream you will come back for more and try different fragrances.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Muddy Puddle Crafts: Help ! What do you Make for Royalty ?

Muddy Puddle Crafts: Help ! What do you Make for Royalty ?

Soy Wax Melts and Tarts for Oil Burners

A new Range to Heavenly Soaps, these are NOT for your bath or body!

These are Soy Wax Tarts for oil burners or tart burners, used to fragrance your home. Soy Tarts and Melts offer the option to easily change your home scent to suit your mood, every time you add a new Tart the fragrance will fill the whole room.

This one is 9 pretty shapes, gift bagged.

Oil Burners also allow you to choose the intensity of scent by melting as little or as much Tart as needed to release and fill the atmosphere with fragrance. You can use a whole melt or break off a small piece. Simply place a Tart or piece of Tart into the well of your oil burner. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER. Place an unscented tealight underneath, and let the fragrance fill your room.

Once the scent starts to fade, simply add another piece of melt to boost the fragrance, or start again with a fresh scent. You can even mix fragrances by adding different melts together in the same burner to create your own custom fragrance.

Don't worry about stains, spills or mess, Soy Tarts natural organic wax is water soluble so any spills can be easily cleaned using soapy water. Made using 100% pure natural soy wax (ecosoya) created from Soy Beans. Non toxic - releases no toxins into the air

Buy Tarts in the same fragrance, or choose the Mixed option and tell me on checkout which fragrances you would like included. These will be bagged, so can be given as a nicely presented gift.

Colours will vary. Each melt is approximately 30mls, 2cm deep and 6cm at widest part.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mothers Day is early this year 14th March

Mothering Sunday is always the 4th Sunday of Lent, and falls on Sunday March the 14th this year.

Traditionally a day to let your mother know that she is very special and holds a very important place in your life, which no one can replace. An opportunity for children of all ages to let their Mum know that she is special and loved and cared for.
Please take a look at my website, where you will find something nice for your Mum.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Gorgeous Bath Melts

Made from Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, with Sweet Almond Oil, each melt is decorated with botanicals, dried flowers or petals, for a beautifully frangranced bath, and total body moisturising.

Perfect as a gift too, because they look beautiful in their lovely gold boxes.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Shea Butter Face and Body Cream

A fabulous Shea Butter based face and body cream, made with pure Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba.

The 50ml size at only £3.25.

In a choice of fragrances, and if there is a particular frangrance you would like that is not in the list, tell me and I can make it for you.

Something suitable for any skin type because Shea is a wonderful moisturiser.

There is May Chang or Lavender which aswell as being fabulous moisturisers will also help keep those nasty midges at bay. May Chang is fabulous for OILY SKIN.

Try Aloe Vera for skin cooling and soothing, and for very DRY SKIN.

Mature skin will particularly benefit from Rose and Geranium, especially in menopause or post menopausal when your skin starts misbehaving and becomes DRY and DULL.
Also available as an Organic Handmade Soap

Monday, 18 May 2009

Gorgeous Shea Body Butter

Shea is a wonderful moisturiser, and is used as a skin healing cream too. That is why I use Shea in as many products as I can. As well as Whipped Body Butter, I now have a face cream and a hand cream, both packed full of nourishing Shea, made with skin calming Sweet Almond oil and Coconut oil.

50ml Air Pump size now available to take with you on holiday, at £3.25. The 120g jar is £4.99.