Saturday, 23 March 2013

Gorgeous Gift Box


  1. I've tried these soaps and they gorgeous. Jasmine is my favourite, closely followed by chocolate.

  2. I must admit, Magnolia used to be my favourite floral fragrance, but once I started using Jasmine I was hooked!

    Is it the Hot Chocolate you like (smells just like a hot chocolate with marshmallows) or the Caramel Chocolate? The caramel one reminds me of Bluebird Toffees, they used to be made at the Bluebird factory in Birmingham and are a sad loss to the confectionary world. At Christmas they sold small pretty tins of them, and as a child I used to save my pocket money up and buy my sisters and mum a tin for Christmas

  3. The hot chocolate, it's yummy, I can enjoy it without gaining a pound :-)